Open Source Banking Software and server for virtual fun-currencies.

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  1. {
  2. CLIENT_INITIALIZE: "Initializing ClientMain",
  3. SERVER_INITIALIZE: "Initializing ServerMain",
  4. CLIENT_ABOUT: "Welcome to Neptulon Bank Client!\n> I can connect to different bank servers with 'connect' -command.\n> The Server decides everything else.\n> Type 'help' to list all commands, and 'about' to show this.",
  5. SERVER_ABOUT: "Welcome to Neptulon Bank Server.\n> This is where you can host a server for Neptulon Bank Clients.\n> To get started, you must host with 'host' -command\n> Type 'help' to list all commands, and 'about' to show this.",
  6. CLIENT_ABOUT_HELPTEXT: "Shows information about Neptulon Bank",
  7. CLIENT_ABOUT_ADVANCED_HELPTEXT: "Shows any necessary information and easy guides.",
  8. SERVER_ABOUT_HELPTEXT: "Shows information about Neptulon Bank Server",
  9. SERVER_ABOUT_ADVANCED_HELPTEXT: "Shows any necessary information and easy guides.",
  10. OTUS_HELPTEXT: "first command ever made",
  11. OTUS_ADVANCED_HELPTEXT: "try 'otus <any text here>' and see for yourself!",
  12. OTUS_TEXT: "Otus wants to greet you a hearty hello, because you said ''{0}''",
  13. CONNECT_HELPTEXT: "Connects to a bank server",
  14. CONNECT_ADVANCED_HELPTEXT: "Connects to a Neptulon -supported bank server.",
  15. CONNECT_FEW_ARGUMENTS: "Too few arguments! (connect <address> <port>)",
  16. CONNECT_INVALID_PORT: "Invalid port: {0}",
  17. CLIENT_ENDCONNECTION_HELPTEXT: "Disconnects from current connected bank.",
  18. CLIENT_ENDCONNECTION_ADVANCED_HELPTEXT: "If client is connected, it will disconnect with this command.",
  20. SERVER_ENDCONNECTION_HELPTEXT: "Shuts down server.",
  21. SERVER_ENDCONNECTION_ADVANCED_HELPTEXT: "Shuts down the server if one is opened.",
  22. SERVER_ENDCONNECTION_TEXT: "Server shut. (Bank closed)",
  23. BANKINFORMATION_HELPTEXT: "Gives information about bank currently connected to.",
  24. BANKINFORMATION_ADVANCED_HELPTEXT: "Gives name and currency name of the current connected bank.",
  25. BANKINFORMATION_NOT_IN_BANK: "I'm not in a bank right now!",
  26. BANKINFORMATION_TEXT: "I think the bank was called ''{0}'', and the currency was called ''{1}''",
  27. LOGIN_HELPTEXT: "logins the user to the bank in the specified account.",
  28. LOGIN_ADVANCED_HELPTEXT: "logs the user in, usage: login <username> <password>",
  29. LOGIN_FEW_ARGUMENTS: "Too few arguments! try 'help login'!",
  30. LOGIN_ATTEMPT: "Attempting to log in as {0}..",
  31. LOGIN_INVALID_AUTH: "Invalid username or password.",
  32. LOGIN_SUCCESS: "Logged in as {0}. Welcome! Your BID is {1}",
  33. REGISTER_HELPTEXT: "Registers a new bank account for use.",
  34. REGISTER_ADVANCED_HELPTEXT: "Usage: register <Username> <Password>",
  35. REGISTER_FEW_ARGUMENTS: "Too few arguments! ( try 'help register' )",
  36. REGISTER_ATTEMPT: "Attempting to register as {0}..",
  37. REGISTER_USERNAME_TAKEN: "Username ''{0}'' is already taken.",
  38. REGISTER_SUCCESS: "Successfully created account with username {0}, log in with ''login''",
  39. HOST_HELPTEXT: "Hosts bank server",
  40. HOST_ADVANCED_HELPTEXT: "hosts bank server at specified port wth 'host <port>'",
  41. HOST_FEW_ARGUMENTS: "I found too few arguments! Try 'help host'",
  42. HOST_INVALID_PORT: "Invalid port: {0}",
  43. HOST_START_SERVER: "Server started. ({0} opened)",
  44. CLEAR_HELPTEXT: "Clears the screen of unwanted flood.",
  45. CLEAR_ADVANCED_HELPTEXT: "No arguments required, just clears everything",
  46. EXIT_HELPTEXT: "Closes down Neptulon Bank.",
  47. EXIT_ADVANCED_HELPTEXT: "Closes the program, and quits all connections.",
  48. EXIT_TEXT: "Goodbye.",
  49. HELP_HELPTEXT: "Shows this list (try help <command>)",
  50. HELP_ADVANCED_HELPTEXT: "Also shows details on specific commands with help <command>",
  51. HELP_COMMAND_NOT_FOUND: "Couldn''t find command {0}! Make sure you didn''t typo!",
  52. HELP_TEXT: "The following details for command {0} are;",
  53. HELP_LIST_TEXT: "The following commands are registered;",
  54. GENERATEKEY_HELPTEXT: "Generates a hex-key that can be used for encryption.",
  55. GENERATEKEY_ADVANCED_HELPTEXT: "Usage: generatekey <bitamount> (bitamount must be in power of 2)",
  56. GENERATEKEY_FEW_ARGUMENTS: "Too few arguments! Try 'help generatekey' !",
  57. GENERATEKEY_INVALID_LENGTH: "Encrypter returned an invalid key. Check if length is in power of 2.",
  58. CONNECT_USER_INVALID_USERNAME: "Connection {0}: username not found ''{1}''",
  59. CONNECT_USER_EXCEPTION: "Connection {0}: {1}",
  60. CONNECT_USER_SUCCESS: "Connection {0} logged in as {1} with username {2}",
  61. CONNECT_USER_INVALID_PASSW: "Connection {0}: Incorrect password login on {1}",
  62. CONNECT_USER_BANNED: "Connection {0}: User {1} attempted to connect, but is banned for ''{2}''",
  63. CONNECT_USER_IP_BANNED: "Connection {1}: User attempted to login from banned IP ({1}), reason for ban is ''{2}''",
  64. REGISTER_USER_INVALID_USERNAME: "Connection {0}: Can not register a username already in use. ({1})",
  65. REGISTER_USER_EXCEPTION: "Connection {0}: {1}",
  66. REGISTER_USER_SUCCESS: "Connection {0}: Registered a new bank account {1} connected to username {2}",
  67. BANK_ENTERED: "Entered {0}, and changed used currency to {1} ({2})",
  68. BANK_ENTERED_SIMPLE: "Entered bank.",
  69. BANK_LEFT_SIMPLE: "Left bank.",
  70. SOMEONE_CONNECTED: "Someone entered the bank! (ID: {0})",
  71. SOMEONE_DISCONNECTED: "Someone left the bank! (ID: {0})",
  72. KICKING_BY_USERNAME: "Kicking everyone logged in to {0}",
  73. KICKED: "Kicked Connection ID {0}",
  74. KICK_HELPTEXT: "Kicks the specified user.",
  75. KICK_ADVANCED_HELPTEXT: "Kicks the user from the server (Usage: kick <byid or byusername> <id/username)",
  76. KICK_FEW_ARGUMENTS: "Too few arguments! Try 'help kick'",
  77. KICK_INVALID_SELECTOR: "Kick selector invalid! Use 'byid' or 'byusername'",
  78. LISTCONNECTIONS_HELPTEXT: "Lists everyone currently connected.",
  79. LISTCONNECTIONS_ADVANCED_HELPTEXT: "List all connections and the bankaccount they're currently connected to.",
  80. LISTCONNECTIONS_TEXT: "Everyone connected;",
  81. LISTCONNECTIONS_LIST_CONNECTION: "Connection {0} connected since {1}",
  82. LISTCONNECTIONS_LIST_LOGGED_IN_CONNECTION: "Connection {0} connected since {1} and logged in as {2}",
  83. BAN_HELPTEXT: "Bans a specified user or IP -address.",
  84. BAN_ADVANCED_HELPTEXT: "Bans a user with 'ban username <username> <reason>' and a IP -address with 'ban ip <connection-id> <reason>'.",
  85. BAN_FEW_ARGUMENTS: "Too few arguments! At least 3 required! (see 'help ban')",
  86. BAN_INCORRECT_ACTION: "Incorrect action ({0})! Required ''ip'' or ''username'' (see 'help ban').",
  87. BAN_IP_BANNED: "IP {0} banned as of {1} for ''{2}''",
  88. BAN_USERNAME_BANNED: "{0} banned as of {1} for ''{2}''",
  89. ATTEMPT_CONNECT_IP_BANNED: "Impossible to connect. IP banned for {0}.",
  90. ATTEMPT_CONNECT_USERNAME_BANNED: "Impossible to connect. Username banned for {0}.",
  91. ACCOUNTINFORMATION_HELPTEXT: "Shows information about your bank account.",
  92. ACCOUNTINFORMATION_ADVANCED_HELPTEXT: "Shows BID and current balance and weather the bank account can take debt or not.",
  93. ACCOUNTINFORMATION_TEXT: "Retrieving bank account information..",
  94. ACCOUNTINFORMATION_SUCCESSFUL: "Your BID is {0}, current balance is {1} {2} and {3}",
  95. ACCOUNTINFORMATION_DEBTPOSSIBLE: "you are able to take debt.",
  96. ACCOUNTINFORMATION_DEBTIMPOSSIBLE: "you can not take debt.",
  97. ACCOUNTINFORMATION_FAILED: "Failed retrieving account information.",
  98. SENDTRANSACTION_HELPTEXT: "Sends some money to destined BID.",
  99. SENDTRANSACTION_ADVANCED_HELPTEXT: "Send money with sendtransaction <bid-to> <amount> <optional-message>",
  100. SENDTRANSACTION_FEW_ARGUMENTS: "Too few arguments! (see 'help sendtransaction')",
  101. SENDTRANSACTION_TEXT: "Attempting to complete transaction of {0} {1} to {2}..",
  102. TRANSACTION_SUCCESS: "Successfully transferred {0} {1} to {2}",
  103. TRANSACTION_FAILED: "Transfer failed to {0}, check amount and BID.",
  104. TRANSACTION_RECEIVED_WITH_MESSAGE: "I suddendly received {0} {1} from {2} with message ''{3}''! Thanks!",
  105. TRANSACTION_RECEIVED_WITHOUT_MESSAGE: "I suddendly received {0} {1} from {2} without message! Thanks!",
  106. SERVER_TRANSACTION_COMPLETE: "Completed transaction {0}.",
  107. SERVER_TRANSACTION_FAILED: "Transaction failed from {0}."
  108. }