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  Teascade 7f060dfb98 Added primal version of JEdi and made slight changex 4 years ago
  Allexit e10673844e Fixed start and end callbacks being mixed 4 years ago
  Allexit cf18afa880 Changed versioning in JSX 4 years ago
  Allexit 590518f3b9 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/Allexit/js-terminal 4 years ago
  Allexit e038d95a78 Added volume and looping to the Jukebox 4 years ago
  Aleksi Talarmo 251fb1ad4a Update README.md 4 years ago
  Aleksi Talarmo b8b45fa46e Update README.md 4 years ago
  Allexit 8a3823f210 Added playing music and removed accidental music files 4 years ago
  Aleksi Talarmo 71a7878763 Added a few new options for Readline 4 years ago
  Aleksi Talarmo 998bab80e0 Update README.md 4 years ago
  Allexit 1614189901 Added some documentation 4 years ago
  Allexit 510f4e19dd Moved JSX commands to their own file and namespace 4 years ago
  Allexit f8692d5fc1 '..' no longer printed when no parent folder 4 years ago
  Allexit cf2c4689f6 Added 'cat' and 'touch' 4 years ago
  Allexit 14880af070 Updated version number 4 years ago
  Allexit 3523d1f117 closing a program now accounts for the returned boolean 4 years ago
  Allexit 9a13a4597a Programs now return a boolean on onClose. 4 years ago
  Allexit 5814523711 Added some interface-documentation 4 years ago
  Allexit 7ae2409d40 Added initial mouse input 4 years ago
  Allexit e3a5d72757 Fixed terminal -> this.terminal in jash 4 years ago
  Allexit d15c08d032 Changed the names of global variables in main.ts 4 years ago
  Allexit fa866983ee Added a bunch of documentation 4 years ago
  Allexit 961c1c46c0 Updated README and version number 4 years ago
  Allexit b03e36774e Moved irrelevant CSS out of jsterminal.scss 4 years ago
  Allexit e7522c5620 Added licenses and stuff 4 years ago
  Allexit 3697f8b87b Added 'ls -a' argument and 'woman' 4 years ago
  Allexit 7f028b9566 Made a prettier 'ls' 4 years ago
  Allexit e9c73ca3ff Made hidden files possible and hid them in 'ls' 4 years ago
  Allexit decc914bbe Added 'mkdir' and reformatted a bit 4 years ago
  Allexit 1c66840ba8 Added 'cd'-command 4 years ago
  Allexit de0ec9173d Fixed jQuery rerfence and findPath being correct once more 4 years ago
  Aleksi Talarmo 80397b058f Added environment vars to JSX and added 'ls' 4 years ago
  Aleksi Talarmo a0ad62c1df Added way to wirte '~' temporarily 4 years ago
  Aleksi Talarmo ee591c4d49 Added a filesystem and made it possible to run files 4 years ago
  Aleksi Talarmo 2823b4f33b Initial commit 4 years ago