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  Teascade 848c9d2f74 Add support for pressing two buttons on the same side 1 year ago
  Teascade e4cca123c9 Fix a very awkward mistake in fixing issue 25 1 year ago
  Teascade 0ad08ed77f Add pyxhook with a modification 1 year ago
  Teascade 49fa1ad589 Fix keys not being in lowercase 1 year ago
  Teascade 5c7d294a19 Add different keylist support and fix shifted_keys bug 1 year ago
  Teascade 2e9c7579d8 Merge branch 'master' of neon/programming-bongocat into master 1 year ago
  Jens Pitkänen 5ee55078df Add linux (fi) keys 1 year ago
  Teascade 1aaae114e7 Make a neatness change and enable debug with --debug 1 year ago
  Teascade 8250f43f61 Added dynamic support for importing and using pyxhook 1 year ago
  Teascade 45542b1b7e Add example 1 year ago
  Teascade 502e8f7725 Initial commit 1 year ago