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Programming Bongocat!

A simple python program that catches all your global keyboard inputs and then pretends to press them (bongocat will press the keyboard with their left paw if the button is on the left side of the keyboard and with their right paw if it's on the right).

(example of me writing some stuff with the bongocat open)



  • Python 2.7.x
  • PyHook (if using windows, PyxHook on linux)
  • Pygame
  • Make sure you have python-xlib installed

When you've made sure your python is version 2.7.x,

on Windows you can run on python -m pip install pyhook
for Linux, pyxhook sources are included

After that install pygame with python -m pip install pygame

And then you should be able to open bongocat with python


Programming bongocat is licensed under the terms of the MIT license

This repository also contains the source code of pyxhook, which is licensed under a BSD license, with some modifications to fix issue 25