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Nightwatch is a relaxed camping game where your sole goal is to keep the fire alive and burning while the others sleep, by feeding it sticks by your camp, or finding them in the woods. Who knows, maybe by searching the woods you might find something else as well!


  • Movement with WASD or Left stick on your gamepad.
  • Look around with Mouse or Right stick on your gamepad.
  • Grab/throw with Left click or A on your gamepad.
  • Ignite a stick with another burning stick (or the campfire) with Right click or B on your gamepad.
  • Pause the game and open the options menu with Escape.


  • Directing, Art, Voice acting, and Story - Tea
  • Programming and Gameplay - Neon

External assets

  • Footsteps by revolt2564
  • Campfire, owl, radio fx, and bird takeoff sounds by Yle

Tools used

  • Engine: Unity 2019.3.10f1
  • Models: Blender
  • Skyboxes: Spacescape
  • Audio editing: Audacity


Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot